Inspiring Stories of Famous Amputees Achieving Their Dreams After Limb Loss

Losing a limb is a challenge that no one wants to face. It certainly takes time to adjust, including learning new ways to care for oneself and your prosthetic. These empowering stories of amputees surpassing their physical constraints to reach their dreams will help others still adjusting to life after limb loss. These famous amputees have transformed adversity into inspiration. A Quiet Hero: Alexia Michitti Being born without a right hand never stopped Alexia Michitti from doing whatever she wanted — until others’ biases got in the way. In middle school, her coach cut her from the basketball team, citing her handicap as the reason.

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Common Problems With Prosthetics and How To Fix Them

The loss of a limb, hand or foot is one of the greatest challenges a person can face in life. Until recently, amputees have had to try to adjust with the assistance of primitive, uncomfortable and marginally useful prosthetics. Today, new technologies, materials and manufacturing processes have developed prosthetics that are much more functional, practical and comfortable to wear. Yet many of the same problems associated with wearing a prosthesis still persist, and not only contribute to discomfort and a loss of utility but cause some amputees to stop wearing them altogether. Here are some of the most frequently encountered issues and possible solutions. A

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Prosthetic Sleeve and Liner Cleaning Made Easy: Get Maximum Comfort & Cleanliness With ROSS

“I have always been very sensitive and embarrassed by the odor of my liner. ROSS has helped me regain my confidence as I now no longer worry about stump funk.” — Annette F. Introducing the innovative and user-friendly ROSS (Rapid Ozone Sleeve Sanitizer), our new standard in prosthetic sleeve and liner hygiene. This cutting-edge solution is revolutionizing the lives of amputees, providing a hassle-free experience in maintaining cleaner, safer, and more comfortable sleeves and liners, as quick and easy as 1-2-3! It is the most effective and easy-to-use hygienic sleeve sanitizer and liner system. ROSS excels at preventing bacterial infections, discomfort and foul odors, and

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