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Beyond Limits: Apps & Resources Empowering Amputees To Recover Stronger

Digital technology and mobile devices have proven to be powerful tools for those managing medical or physical conditions, including people in recovery from a recent amputation. There are a variety of apps, resources and technology for people with limb loss available today that can be very helpful during amputee recovery and rehabilitation.

Recent amputees face many frustrating challenges while they relearn the everyday functions that most people take for granted, such as walking, dressing, bathing and driving a car. Learning how to properly use and care for prosthetics is a critical part of this process and requires time, patience and practice. Rehabilitation apps can be an important part of amputee recovery.

Apps Designed by Amputees, for Amputees

There are numerous apps available that have been designed specifically for amputees to help them navigate the journey to recovery. Many of these apps have been created by people who have themselves experienced limb loss and understand the unique problems encountered by recent amputees who are working their way through the rehabilitation process.

These specialized apps provide coaching, training and monitoring in a variety of formats and allow the individual to progress at their own pace and convenience. This tailored approach can make the recovery process smoother and much more effective compared to generic fitness apps. They are available for use on any type of mobile device and operating system, including iOS and Android, as well as Windows or Mac laptops and desktops.

How Apps for People With Limb Loss Can Help

Rehabilitation apps designed for amputees are much like the traditional fitness apps that people use to help them stay in shape. They offer video presentations of specific exercises that amputees can watch and follow along with, physical therapy training and coaching, lessons on how to use prosthetic limbs, useful tips for mastering everyday tasks, progress tracking tools, and other educational resources to help them manage the logistical aspects of their care.

The targeted exercises and guidance help amputees rebuild strength, coordination and balance crucial for their physical rehabilitation and ability to regain independence. Some apps can provide important rehabilitation tools like gait analysis, music therapy, and remote monitoring that were previously only available in specialized clinics, thus making them more convenient and accessible.

Just as importantly, recovery apps can help connect people to peer support networks for amputees, where they can meet and converse with others who are going through the same experience, sharing tips and advice and providing emotional support. Many people become frustrated with the process of learning to use their prosthetic device and give up on using the device altogether, but an amputee support group can provide them with the motivation they need to keep trying and carry through to success.

Best Physical Therapy Apps and Resources for Amputees

There are already quite a few apps for people with limb loss online and in app stores, and new ones are added all the time. Take the time to browse and explore different apps to find the ones that best serve your particular needs and learning style. Here are some popular apps to get you started.

Fitness for Amputees

This app was created by Ottobock SE & Co. KGaA, an industry-leading prosthetics designer and manufacturer. It focuses on simple but effective exercises for leg and arm amputees developed by the company’s in-house physiotherapists. The exercises in the app can be useful for up to six months after a prosthetic has been fitted. The only accessories required are a ball, a mat and a towel. Fitness for Amputees has over 10,000 downloads and a 4.6-star rating from 318 reviews.


Another app for people with limb loss developed by Ottobock, it features more exercises for leg and arm amputees to help them build strength, endurance, coordination and balance while using their prosthetics for up to six months after they’ve been fitted. It also includes an active community of people with limb loss and their loved ones, where people share their stories and experiences and help each other learn and cope.


Careflash is a mobile-friendly website that allows anyone to create their own private  “Careopolis,” or community forum. They serve primarily those coping with life challenges such as people in the process of healing from injury or illness, individuals experiencing grief from the loss of a loved one, those in addiction recovery, and many other similar groups, including people transitioning to using a prosthetic limb. Careflash is completely free and easy to use, and offers many other useful features for amputees, their friends and family.


Rehabilitative Lower Limb Orthopedic Analysis Device (ReLOAD) systems was an innovative technology developed by a team of University of Miami researchers to help amputees to improve their gait, coordination, and balance while learning to walk with a lower limb prosthetic.

The ReLOAD systems uses sensors attached to the user’s legs to give feedback on an amputee’s gait through music. If the user’s gait is out of coordination while walking, the music will “warp” then come back in tune as the gait is corrected. This app with its real time gait correction capability is seen as a potential game changer for amputee recovery and rehabilitation.

inMotion Magazine Online

Although not an app per se, inMotion Magazine is a free print publication for amputees and their families that can be accessed online on any type of device. Published bi-monthly by the Amputee Coalition since 1991, the magazine offers in-depth, well-researched articles of interest to the amputee community including news, education and lifestyle. Subscriptions are free, and they have a large collection of back issues in their digital archives.

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