Frequently Asked Questions

Plug the power cable into the electrical outlet and togle the switch at the back to the on position.

1. Wipe down liner to remove debris. Make sure liner is dry.

2. Put liner into ROSS. Twist lid to seal before starting cleaning cycle.

3. Choose your cleaning cycle: NORMAL is 10 minutes, SUPER is 20 minutes.

4. Wait until ROSS indicates end of cleaning cycle with GREEN lights and end tone. Remove and enjoy your clean liner!

Everyone is different when it comes to they hygiene. However it is recommended to use your ROSS daily.

Normal is for your daily cleaning cycle, Super is for those really smelly days 🙂

That is the smell of Ozone which clings to surfaces destroying the bacteria and removing the bad smell. The Ozone smell will dissipate quickly leaving your liner 99.9% bacteria free.

Our product development team at TriOx has taken every precaution to make sure ROSS is safe to use. This includes laboratory testing for product safety certification. Even though Ross uses very low rates of Ozone we do recomend making sure the lid is closed until the cycle is completed/

It depends on many factors, but usually only about a couple of hours

The Ozone works more effectively when it can directly access the bacteria on your liner. Moisture ‘protects’ the bacteria by shielding it from the Ozone.

The Ozone in Ross might discolor your liner, but will not affect its performance.

The Ozone in Ross might discolor your liner, but will not affect its performance. Consult your Orthotist or Prosthetist whether Ross is suited for your liner.

Do not put anything besides Ross a prosthetic liner in Ross.

You can clean the inside of Ross by removing the ‘Interior Steeple’. You can clean Ross as often as you want. We recommend using window cleaning equipment.

ROSS falls under Qualified Medical Expenses for those with artificial limbs. Be sure to check with your plan provider with any questions.

Make sure ROSS is plugged into your electricity supply and the lights are on. If ROSS still does not want to work, email us at and we will get back to you ASAP