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ROSS (Rapid Ozone Sleeve Sanitizer) Prosthetic liner sanitizer that eliminates germs and odor-causing bacteria in as fast as 10 minutes

In cooperation with leading O&Ps and contributing amputees, TriOx Innovations has designed and developed the world’s first automated rapid ozone sleeve sanitizer (ROSS). 

The ozone generated by ROSS eliminates germs and odor causing bacteria that soap and water alone cannot, leaving prosthetic liners smelling fresh, sanitized, and ready to wear in as little as 10 minutes. Independent laboratory tested, the device rapidly eliminates 99.9% S. aureus bacteria, the leading cause of skin and soft tissue infections such as abscesses, furuncles, and cellulitis.  

The ROSS sanitization process is compatible with all liner types, makes and sizes. As a clinical grade device for home use, ROSS  is convenient and easy to operate at the point of care in a clinic or at home while one sleeps, eats or watches TV. 

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